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The range of sunglasses specifically designed for water sports and yachting can be rather daunting.

When purchasing a pair of shades the basic requirement for water-based activity is a polarised lens. These lightweight lenses prevent glare, offer UV protection and are buoyant. A perfect example is the "Floatable" frame designed by Gill. These advanced sailing sunglasses feature a sleek design and they won't set you back in terms of price.

Polarised Lenses Reduce Glare
A polarised filter on the back and front of the lens not only helps to reduce glare, but actually enables the wearer to see through glare on the water's surface. On average polarised lenses absorb 98% of glare. The filter layer is always protected by being locked into the lens.

Regarding the frame, it is more suitable to have a plastic polycarbonate frame. This material is lightweight and designed to flex, making the sunglasses resistant to stress cracking and tough enough to provide maximum durability in unforgiving outdoor environments. Polycarbonate is also impact resistant; just another practical feature of this great material.

Impact Resistant Sailing Glasses
The colour of sailing lenses varies widely, incorporating darker colours such as amber or orange. These shades absorb more light and glare from the water, making them the perfect choice for water-based activities. A hydrophobic coating ensures that beads of water run off the lens in a similar way to a waterproof jacket. This is a great feature for all watersports as it keeps the lens clear, leaving you free to pound the waves!

Protection From UV Rays
Other useful features include scratch resistance and UV protection. Blocking harmful UV rays is a must for obvious reasons. As with all products, the price depends on the features and the quality of materials used. For £30 - £40 you can obtain a excellent quality product, tailor made for sailing use - Just make sure you don't forget a retainer for you r brand new sunnies!

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