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Buoyancy Aids

Buoyancy aids are an essential piece of equipment for a wide range of watersports including dinghy sailing, kayaking, water skiing and jet skiing. They are mandatory kit in most sailing clubs in the UK.

Manual & Automatic Inflation
These safety devices are designed to provide the wearer with a degree of buoyancy, NOT to keep your head above water. A lifejacket will keep your head above water, however this automatically inflates when wet or requires manual inflation - not ideal when getting wet is part of your sport!

Junior Safety Aids
High quality buoyancy aids are generally made from soft PVC foam with a rip-stop outer fabric layer. First time investments, such as the Crewsaver 'splash' has layered foam. All Crewsaver junior buoyancy aids are supplied with an under leg strap. You also have the option of either a side or front zip. The main advantage of the side zip is a front pocket, however, this option is purely down to personal preference.

Correctly Fitting Buoyancy Aids
Your buoyancy aid should be a snug fit and not slip over your head whilst not being so tight that you cannot fit your under garments. Generally the snugger the fit the better! Please make it a priority to view our size and weight charts to ensure that your choice of buoyancy aid will meet these requirements.

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