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Inshore sailing clothing is waterproof, breathable and offers a high level of performance and durability, constructed from the lightest fabrics available, such as Musto BR1 , Gill Coastal sailing apparal , Henri Lloyd TP1 Inshore sailing range . This clothing is ideally suited for day, weekend and summer use in lighter weather conditions, up to coastal sailing. This waterproof sailing apparel can also be worn as onshore and some include a fleece for this purpose.

Gill Coast Jacket (IN12J) Graphite

£159.00 Now £139.95

Gill Coast Jacket (IN12J)

Gill Coast Trouser (IN12T)

£119.00 Now £109.95

Gill Coast Trouser (IN12T)

Gill Coastal Racer Jacket  (CR11J)

£184.95 Now £169.95

Gill Coastal Racer Jacket (CR11J)

Gill Inshore Lite Jacket (IN32J) Blue

£134.95 Now £119.95

Gill Inshore Lite Jacket (IN32J)

Gill Inshore Sport Jacket - (IN71J)

Gill Marina Jacket (FG11J) Blue

£68.95 Now £59.95

Gill Marina Jacket (FG11J)

Gill Pro Salopettes (4364)

Henri Lloyd Breeze Vest (Y00364)

Henri Lloyd Energy Jacket (Y00363)

£129.95 Now £114.95

Henri Lloyd Energy Jacket (Y00363)

Henri Lloyd Freedom Hi Fits (Y10160)

Henri Lloyd Sail Jacket (Y00356)

£149.95 Now £134.95

Henri Lloyd Sail Jacket (Y00356)

Henri Lloyd Wave Trouser (Y10162) Marine

£115.00 Now £104.95

Henri Lloyd Wave Hi Fit (Y10162)

Henri Lloyd Wave Jacket (Y00353)

£145.00 Now £129.95

Henri Lloyd Wave Jacket (Y00353)

Henri Lloyd Wave Jacket (Y00353) SP

Musto BR1 Inshore Jacket (SMJK056)

£164.95 Now £149.95

Musto BR1 Inshore Jacket (SMJK056)

Musto BR1 Trousers (SB1235)

£149.95 Now £134.95

Musto BR1 Trousers (SB1235)

XM Yachting Coastal Jacket - Red

£154.95 Now £59.95

XM Yachting Coastal Jacket - Red

Gill Inshore Winter Jacket (IN92J)


£150.00 Now £99.95

Gill Sail Jacket (1052)sp

Gill Womens Coast Jacket (IN12JW)

£145.00 Now £139.95

Gill Women's Coast Jacket (IN12JW)

Gill Junior Coast Jacket (IN12JJ)

Gill Womens Coast Trouser (IN12TW)

Purchase Inshore Sailing Clothing from all the top brands

The fabrics used in the inshore ranges are of exactly the same construction as the two layer coastal jackets. These marine garments use hydrophilic coating to allow the clothing to breathe. The only real difference is that the materials are typically lighter in weight and more basic than other sailing apparel. Inshore sailing gear is extremely popular and used for a wide variety of purposes. Although specifically designed for yachting, typically day sailing or the odd trip to France, it is also a real favourite for many onshore activities - even walking the dog!

Gill Inshore Sailing Clothing - review

The design of most inshore yachting jackets typically features a very low collar (just underneath the chin) and they do not always have a high visibility hood. Instead they may have a simple hood design that matches the colour of the jacket. Additional features such as reflective strips for improved visibility and innovative hand warmer pockets may also be found on these breathable, 100% waterproof items.

Musto BR1 Inshore Sailing Apparal - review

Although slightly simpler in design compared to ocean sailing clothing for example, this type of marine apparel is an extremely affordable introduction for novice sailors.

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