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Sailing Gloves

It is important that you have good quality Sailing Gloves before embarking on any yachting or dinghy activity, to keep your hands protected and warm, but without restricting your ability to move freely. They are available in short finger, long finger, winter and waterproof designs and are essential pieces of sailing kit using highly technical fabrics. You can pick from big brands such as our Musto Sailing Gloves , Henri Lloyd Yachting Gloves or Gill Sailing Gloves . We also now stock Sealskinz Waterproof Gloves.

Specialist Supplier Of Quality Sailing Gloves from Musto, Gill and Henri Lloyd. Unbeatable Prices.

Sailing gloves serve two main purposes to keep your hands warm and to provide them with protection. Pulling the ropes of a boat can be incredibly hard on the hands causing them to become sore which will reduce sailing enjoyment. In the wilder weather it is harder to keep a grip on ropes as the can easily slip through your hands, a reinforced palm will help prevent that hands from becoming painful and it will help you keep a good grip on the ropes at the same time. Yachting gloves and Dinghy Gloves are worn for both comfort and practicality so they have to be both hardwearing and allow for easy movement. Boating gloves had been designed to withstand extreme conditions but they are also flexible so you can comfortably handle the ropes without any feeling of restriction. It is essential that the size and weight of the glove is not too much preventing the wearer from performing to the highest level. They are traditionally reinforced with leather, because it is a pliable but hard wearing material. However, a man made replacement Amara is being used increasingly because it is equally hard wearing and does not shrink after continued exposure to water. The changing seasons provide different requirements for sailing gloves, they always need to provide good comfortable protection for your hands but the level of warmth and coverage of the glove differs from season to season. Offshore sailing gloves require a 100% level of waterproof protection because the sea is rougher out of the protected inshore waters. To make sure that hands are kept warm they are often lined with an extra thermal lining to ensure comfort and protection. In the cooler months inshore gloves will also need to provide a high level of protection against cold seas. The warmer weather will mean short fingered marine gloves would be ideal allowing the wearer plenty of movement and preventing the hands from becoming overheated. Browse through our great selection and find the right pair to enhance your enjoyment and level of performance out on the water.

Gill Deckhand Sailing Gloves - review

The best selling marine glove for over 5 years. Made from strong amara fabrics with a reinforced palm, they are shaped to fit and have flat sema to ensure comfort and protection. A perfect all rounder and entry level glove for dinghy boats and seasonal weekend use on larger yachts. Available in long or short finger - all down to personal preference on how much protection and dexterity you require, both styles have the forefinger and thumb cut out for rope work

Musto Defender Yachting Gloves long fingered - review

The new Musto Glove will be reviewed here shortly, including new customer reviews

Henri Lloyd Stealth and Maxi Grip - review

The review of this product is due shortly, including customer reviews

Winter Sailing Gloves

In the winter months keeping your hands warm is incredibly important, this is why many winter yachting gloves are made from neoprene. This material is extremely flexible and it provides really good insulation and is incredibly cost effective, the palms are still reinforced to provide them with extra protection and grip against the ropes. Winter gloves need to be waterproof and in order to ensure complete waterproof protection it is essential that they have good cuffs that prevent water from penetrating through from the wrist during rough weather. A very popular brand are SealSkinz waterproof gloves.

Summer Boating Gloves

Boating gloves for the warmer summer months are often fingerless to keep hands cooler and provide greater freedom of movement. With warmth no longer being a requirement the summer gloves no longer need to have the same level of waterproofing and can therefore be short fingered but they still provide the same level of grip and protection against the ropes.

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