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Drysuits - Dinghy/Sailing

Before going dinghy sailing it is essential that you have a high quality Sailing Drysuit to keep the body protected from the elements, but without restricting your ability to move freely. Dinghy drysuits keep you completely dry and by wearing fleece base layers will keep you extremely warm in even the coldest conditions! You can pick from big brands such as our Musto Drysuits , Henri Lloyd Sailing Drysuits or Gill Dinghy Drysuits.

Gill Junior Drysuit (4803J)

£299.00 Now £269.95

Gill Pro Drysuit (4802)

£399.95 Now £354.95

Musto Junior MPX Drysuit (KS143J1) Black

£449.95 Now £409.95

Musto MPX Dry Suit (SM1431) Fire Orange

£699.00 Now £639.95

Gill Womens Pro Drysuit (4802W)

£384.95 Now £284.95

Musto Dinghy Drysuit (SO2006)

£399.95 Now £369.95

Henri Lloyd Cobra Dry Suit (Y15040)

£400.00 Now £359.95

Great deals on Dinghy Drysuits available online

A drysuit is designed to keep the water out and the wearer completely dry.These effective suits comprise a fully waterproof outer layer with watertight seals around the neck, wrist and feet to ensure that nothing enters the suit. On its own a drysuit provides little warmth to the body. This is why thermal or mid layers are regularly worn underneath for better insulation. At the top end of the extensive range of sailing drysuits available, you will find high specification designs. This type of suit is made of advanced breathable materials which reduce the condensation inside the outfit. However, these innovative features come at a higher price. Drysuits are highly recommended for winter dinghy racing as well as many other water-based activities when the temperature has dropped.

Musto Dinghy Drysuit - review

Keeps you warm in colder conditions, with reinforced seat and knee areas specifically for dinghy sailing. High quality breathability and strong fabrics combine to make this popular dinghy product.

Henri Lloyd Cobra Drysuit - review

The complete all rounder for colder conditions, this protective suit is comfortable and lightweight.

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