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Multi-Tools & Knives

Gill have a great range of personal rescue knives and tools all made using marine grade 420 Stainless Steel with a Titanium coating for even greater corrosion resistance. The personal rescue knife (MT002) has a serrated blade makes for easy rope cutting in a emergency, it also locks to stop accidental closing. It is supplied with a nylon pouch which can be fitted to any belt. Probably the best selling Gill knife is the multi-tool (MT003)which is a functional folding yachtsman tool for on-board maintenance and emergency use. Comes with a shackle key and marlin spike for rope work.Supplied with a protective pouch with belt loop. The fixed blade marine safety knife designed for on board use (MT001). Supplied with a protective plastic sheath with a secure lock-in mechanism. The Gill (MT005) is a harness rescue tool designed for use in emergency situations, this handy tool will quickly and easily slice through harness webbing. Ideal for kite surfing as well as sailing. Supplied with a nylon pouch and small enough to sit inside buoyancy aid or trouser pockets.


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Multi tools have become an increasingly useful product for sailors and are now commonplace aboard vessels of all sizes. These practical devices offer a multitude of solutions to the tasks and situations encountered whilst at sea.

Pocket Sized Sailing Tools

It’s quite impressive how compact these versatile pocket tools can actually be. Size doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to compromise on the number of features at your disposal. Multi-tools can be stowed easily onboard and certainly don’t have to be heavy and cumbersome objects.

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